Hi there! I’m Annika, but everyone calls me Anni.
I studied Digital Media at the HFK Bremen and made my bachelor of arts in 2019. I’m still living right here in this beautiful green city.

When I was a year away from graduating a friend called me up to ask if I could illustrate a small children’s book to give away at a charity event. Even though I didn’t quite know why – I agreed to do it. I had been drawing on and off for as long as I can remember. It was one of my big hobbies, but I never did anything in this capacity. Within a month I had to have the project done, which meant pretty much drawing from dawn ’till dusk, a whole month long. And what surprised me was: I didn’t get sick of it at all! In fact, every evening when I went to bed I looked forward to the morning so I could draw some more. That’s when I knew – I needed to become an illustrator – a path that I had never even considered for myself before. Funny how things like that work out. Weeks before I was so scared about my future, because I didn’t know what to do and suddenly I was stoked to conquer this new goal I had set for myself.

Since then I’ve worked a lot on my illustration style and obviously I am still always learning and developing.
Right now I really like to work with my tablet in Procreate using a lot of textured brushes (gotta have that texture)! If I don’t work digitally I like to use a combination of gouache and colored pencils (again, for the texture). I love all the colors, but especially the desaturated ones. I’m a sucker for pastels and muddy colors with just a few bright ones mixed in.

Other things I like are autumn and everything it entails, hot beverages of any kind, a warm blanket, sweaters, candles – in short – all things cozy. I prefer chatty evenings with friends over parties and calm over noise. I guess my choice of subject in uni already revealed that I’m also a fan of tech and digital stuff. I love to play the odd video game, if I can find the time. But I guess I’d always choose a good creative, crafty project over them. I got into sewing and embroidery lately and I am determined to one day own a wardrobe just made by me. What a dream!
I am definitely introverted, but I like people in the fascinating varieties they come. I guess my fascination for people and their unique differences is why they have always been the main subject of my drawings.